Central America

Following assignments in Peru (2013), Paraguay (2015) and Mexico (2016), my engagement with the World Bank’s Global Energy Practice in Central America since 2017 marked a renewed focus on Latin America, resulting in a structural cooperation on energy efficiency strategies and programmes in Panama, as well as assignments in El Salvador and Honduras. Basically, fostering […]


European OCTs in the Caribbean

Yes, there are still some Overseas Countries and Territories of the European Union in the Caribbean, alongside the sovereign states of the region. In 2019, I joined the EU ReSEMBID  (Resilience, Sustainable Energy and Marine Biodiversity) Programme as Advisor for Sustainable Energy and participated in team missions to Curaçao, Saba, Saint Bartélemy, Sint Eustatius and […]


Back in Algeria

Back in 2002, I had the opportunity to cooperate with the Algerian National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of Energy (APRUE) on energy labelling for refrigerators and freezers. While it was good to see the labels in the shops on my return to Algeria in 2019, I realised that the Algerian standards & labelling […]


Kacheti – where heaven touches earth

Amidst the vast forests which cover the hills above Telavi, the capital of Kacheti, the wanderer enters a clearing with three old churches of the former monastry Dzveli Shuamta: a solemn place where heaven touches earth. I came back two times before I finally left Georgia in April 2016.


Plaza Sta. Catalina

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Lindo lugar, con árboles majestuosos, senderos, mesitas de piedra negra. Sol y sombra, gente agradable, esculturas en el verde. El rincón de la cafetería, abierta a la terraza, un lugar de muchos recuerdos. Saliendo del portal, se abre la Plaza Sta. Catalina, la iglesia amarilla que invita a un momento más de reflexión y tranquilidad.


Volodymyrska Girka

Two years with frequent visits to Kyiv are almost coming to an end. It has been a period of successful teamwork with our counterpart and also a time of friendship, solemnity, reflection and enjoyment. And there is this special place which gathers earth and sky, the divine and the mortals.


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