Guiding principles


Professional and intellectual independence are the basic principles of AES. This independence is the only guarantee for unbiased advice. AES does not represent any commercial interests of third parties and carefully observes a critical distance to the particular objectives of the various players in the energy field and in international co-operation.


The complex energy problems of today, with all their technological, economic, environmental and social implications, deserve professional work, which is unbiased by ideological preferences. AES endeavours to respond to this challenge by providing high-level expertise and professional competence.

Active partnership

AES seeks to establish long-lasting relations with clients and co-operation partners. AES enters into a critical dialogue with the client or partner, proposes strategies to achieve the objectives of the project and assumes an active role in the implementation of the activities agreed upon. That way AES and the client or partner jointly work towards the solution of a specific problem.

Promotion of sustainable energy development

The main mission of AES is to initiate, develop, conceptualise, promote and implement sustainable energy policies, programmes and projects. These activities are frequently carried out in co-operation with local organisations and experts. In pursue of these objectives, AES accepts assignments from government offices, international organisations, non-government organisations and private enterprises. These assignments have to be in line with the guiding principles of the office.

Synergy of theoretical know-how and practical experience

Besides a broad knowledge of energy issues, practical on-hand experience is required as a constant feedback. Know-how and knowledge obtained from practical fieldwork serve to critically assess the validity and specific relevance of generally accepted premises.

International co-operation

High levels of knowledge and expertise are available in many parts of the world. Recognising this, it is possible to move beyond the traditional relation of development co-operation and cooperate on an equal level with experts and organisations world-wide. AES endeavours to overcome cultural barriers as well as the antagonism between so-called developed and developing countries by open professional co-operation between experts at fair and transparent terms.