Training agreement IRAM – AES

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On November 26, 2001, the Argentinian Standardization Institute IRAM (Instituto Argentino de Normalización) and AES signed an agreement concerning a three-months training of a young professional of IRAM at AES in the Netherlands. This agreement, which has been extended in the meantime until end of April 2002, builds on fruitful contacts between both organisations following the Second Latin American Regional Workshop on Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling, hosted by IRAM in March 2001.

IRAM (member of ISO), is a dynamic organisation, dedicated to standardisation and certification of products, processes and management systems. IRAM acts at a national, regional and international level with manufacturing and service organisations, consumers, governments, NGOs, groups of interest and the society in general. Among many other activities, IRAM develops standards related to hydrogen technologies, fuel cells and the environment.

IRAM also assumes a central role in the development of energy efficiency standards and labelling for household appliances in Argentina, in cooperation with organisations like the Argentinian National Technology Institute (INTI) and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Buenos Aires.

The training programme is closely related to ongoing and new activities of AES and includes subjects like energy efficiency standards & labelling, fuel cell technology, regulatory and institutional frameworks for energy efficiency and renewable energy in Latin America, and flexible mechanisms under the Kyoto Protocol. Ing. Ivana Cepon, the beneficiary of the programme has visited several entities in Europe, like the European Commission, the Netherlands Ministry for Housing, Spatial Development and the Environment, the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (NOVEM) and members of the fuel cell competence network in the Stuttgart region in Germany (DaimlerChrysler, Ballard): “The training comprises subjects of highest interest for the actual and future development of my country: energy efficiency, energy efficiency labelling, climate change mitigation, fuel cells and hydrogen technologies are areas in which IRAM is actually working and which will be strengthened by my involvement in the latest developments in this area in Europe”.

Ing. Luis Trama, Chief of Energy and Environmental Affairs Department of Standardisation of IRAM: “We consider the training offered by AES as a unique opportunity to better visualize and understand these very relevant subjects by gathering practical work experience, which will – without any doubt – yield professional benefits for our representative, as well as benefits for our institute and our country”.

March 2002