Energy Efficiency Standards & Labelling in Algeria

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In the framework of a co-operation programme with the European Union, APRUE – the Algerian National Agency for the Promotion and Rationalisation of Energy Use (Agence Nationale pour la Promotion et la Rationalisation de l’Utilisation de l’Énergie) has initiated the development and implementation of energy efficiency standards & labelling for household appliances. AES assists APRUE in this important activity, which will in the first place focus on refrigerators and freezers.

The project is carried out within a wider technical assistance scheme, led by IDAE of Spain and AES’ French partner Explicit. Dr Paul Waide of PW Consulting, UK, a leading international expert in energy efficiency standards & labelling cooperates in the project. The project started at the end of 2001 and will comprise the following tasks, which will be developed during 2002 and beyond, in close co-operation with all relevant actors:

  • A statistical analysis of the market of refrigerators and freezers, in order to establish proper efficiency categories, and to evaluate economic, social and environmental impacts of alternative policies of standards & labelling;
  • To establish – in coordination with APRUE and IANOR, the Algerian Standardisation Institute – test procedures in accordance with international standards and the specific characteristics of the Algerian appliance market;
  • To propose the necessary test installations and procedures;
  • To establish administrative rules of conformity evaluation;
  • To propose a market transformation strategy, taking into consideration various options of labelling, minimum efficiency standards and a legal framework based on the Algerian Energy Efficiency Law and relevant secondary legislation;
  • Label design and development of a national energy efficiency labelling plan.

The S&L project of Algeria is an ambitious project carried out within a very tight time schedule and budget. The approach applied to this project therefore concentrates on active coaching of APRUE staff by the AES experts, focussing on key issues and trying to stimulate exchange of experience with European organisations and to create synergies with similar initiatives in the region.

Visit the website of APRUE to learn more about energy efficiency and related activities in ‘El Djazâir’.

April 2002