Energy Sector Reforms, Regulatory Challenges and Sustainable Development in Europe and Latin America

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Antecedentes y Documento de Discusión:

Third Parliamentarian Dialogue Europe – Latin America on Energy and Sustainable Development, Bruselas, 20 – 22 septiembre 2000 (en inglés)

Autor: Wolfgang F. Lutz

This Background & Discussion Paper has been written in preparation of the Third Parliamentarian Dialogue Europe – Latin America on Energy and Sustainable Development, which was held in Brussels from 20 – 22 September 2000, focusing on “Energy sector reforms, regulatory challenges and sustainable development in Europe and Latin America”.

The paper addresses the following issues:

  • Section 1: Liberalisation of energy markets in Europe and Latin America.
  • Section 2: Environmental protection, energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Section 3: Energy market integration and competition.
  • Section 4: Foreign investment, public service and social equity.
  • Section 5: Regulatory challenges.
  • Section 6: EU – Latin American energy co-operation.
  • Section 7: For a new energy policy dialogue between Europe and Latin America.

Sections 1 – 3 present the history, main phases and characteristics of energy sector reforms in both regions, with a specific focus on sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Section 3 also provides inputs for a discussion on issues related to the paradigms of competitive energy markets.

Section 4 refers to the significant role of foreign investments in the Latin American energy sector and provides some starting points for the discussion of the role of European enterprises in Latin America and the need for effective regulation.

Section 5 briefly presents the regulatory issues which currently dominate the agenda in Europe and which are likely to dominate the agenda in the near future in Latin America, e.g. the tension fields created by the simultaneous objectives of market liberalisation and protection of the environment, concentration of market power and consumers’ rights, etc.

Section 6 highlights the paradigms, main lines of action and achievements of the Community programmes ALURE and SYNERGY, while Section 7 proposes a framework for a dialogue, which involves politicians and policy makers, as well as other stakeholders, like industry, NGOs and representatives of the civil society.