Energy efficiency standards and labelling of household appliances in the Andean Community – national programmes and the prospects of regional harmonisation

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3rd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL ’03), Torino, Italia, 1 – 3 octubre 2003 (en inglés)

Autores: W.F. Lutz, V. Garcia, I. Inocente, M. Palacios, C. Valles, P. Waide

In 1996, an inter-governmental working group of the Member States of the Andean Community of Nations (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela) proposed the harmonisation of existing and emerging equipment energy efficiency standards and labelling schemes within the region with the support of the PAIE (Programa Andina de Integración Energética), a joint programme of the Commission of the Andean Community and the European Commission.

During recent years, the topic has received the attention of regional policy makers and important progress has been made in individual countries:

  • In Colombia, energy efficiency standards have been elaborated for a wide range of appliances and electric motors and have recently been ratified by the Government, in the framework of the CONOCE Programme (Programa Colombiano de Normalización, Acreditación, Certificación y Etiquetado de Equipos de Uso Final de Energía), which distinguishes itself by a comprehensive approach, defining energy efficiency categories based on an analysis of the national appliance- and equipment market. The Colombian energy efficiency label follows the EU label design and will be mandatory;
  • Venezuela started work on energy efficiency standards and labelling in 1992 leading to the introduction of mandatory standards for refrigerators and freezers in 1998 and the implementation of a mandatory labelling scheme. A review of the existing labelling scheme and its extension to other appliances, like air conditioners, is a priority of the Government;
  • In Peru, the Technical Committee for Energy Efficiency Standardisation (CTNUREEE) has elaborated technical standards for compact fluorescent lamps, refrigerators, electric motors, industrial boilers and solar collectors. The Peruvian Energy Efficiency Law of 2000 stipulates the mandatory application of these standards and of a labelling scheme;
  • Ecuador has also undertaken initial steps towards the development of energy efficiency standards.

This paper reports on the achievements to date within each country and outlines the prospects for future regional harmonisation.

Authors: W.F. Lutz, Energy-Strategies, the Netherlands; V. Garcia, Ministry of Energy & Mines, Venezuela; I. Inocente, Ministry of Energy & Mines, Peru; M. Palacios, Ministry of Energy & Mines, Ecuador; C. Valles, UPME, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Colombia; P. Waide, PW Consulting, UK.