Energy efficiency standards and labelling of household appliances in Algeria – from programme design to implementation

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3rd International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Domestic Appliances and Lighting (EEDAL ’03), Torino, Italia, 1 – 3 octubre 2003 (en inglés)

Autores: M.S. Bouzeriba, D.E. Bouzera, W.F. Lutz and P. Waide

The Algerian National Agency for the Promotion and the Rationalisation of Energy Use (APRUE) has designed a comprehensive programme of energy efficiency standards and labelling for household appliances in Algeria starting with refrigerators and freezers. This paper reports on the status of this programme and the supporting activities upon which it is based, activities that have been conducted within the framework of a technical co-operation programme with the European Commission. Thus far, the following primary activities have been carried out:

  • An analysis of the market of refrigerators and freezers, including a statistical analysis of product energy consumption and efficiency levels enabling the economic, social and environmental impacts of alternative policies for standards and labelling to be assessed;
  • The development of product categories for labelling purposes;
  • The establishment of test procedures in accordance with relevant international standards;
  • Definition of the necessary test installations and procedures;
  • Proposals for administrative rules governing the evaluation of conformity;
  • Proposals for a market transformation strategy, taking into consideration various options of labelling, minimum efficiency standards and a legal framework based on the Algerian Energy Efficiency Law and relevant secondary legislation;
  • A preliminary proposal regarding label design and the development of a national energy efficiency labelling plan.

In addition to the presentation of the main achievements so far, the paper focuses on the following issues:

  • The process of creating the basis for co-operation and participation of stakeholders (industry, government entitites, consumers) – including encountered barriers as well as solutions;
  • The implementation of the programme: problems to be solved and prospects;
  • The prospects of regional harmonisation with similar activities occurring in other countries within the Maghreb.

Authors: M.S. Bouzeriba, General Director, Agence National pour la Promotion et la Rationalisation de l’Utilisation de l’Énergie (APRUE), Algeria; D.E. Bouzera, APRUE, Algeria; W.F. Lutz, Energy-Strategies, The Netherlands; P. Waide, PW Consulting, UK.